Press Releases

June 3 , 2024

Dipika Damerla will not support the removal of car lanes from any main arterial road without alternatives

Mississauga, Ontario – Mayoral candidate Dipika Damerla announced today she will not support the removal of car lanes from any main arterial road in Mississauga without an alternative to the car.  

“What is happening on Bloor Street is not a one-off. Other major roads will be subject to the same plans to remove car lanes,” Dipika said.  

Building on her commitment to reverse the Bloor Street project that removes two car lanes, Dipika does not intend to repeat this mistake on any future projects. Dipika has continued to advocate for an alternative solution that would see bike lanes installed on the boulevard of Bloor Street rather than replacing car lanes.

“If we move forward with removing two car lanes it will create congestion, reduce the number of bus stops, and redirect traffic onto neighbouring streets.” Dipika said.

As Mayor, Dipika would:

  • Build more transit infrastructure and service
  • Build walkable neighbourhoods and mixed-use communities
  • Create a true cycling network of separated lanes 

Dipika is the only candidate committed to stopping the Bloor Street project that removes car lanes. She is also the only candidate to commit to this policy being applied to all major arterial streets in Mississauga. 

As Mayor, Dipika will have a balanced and practical approach to growing Mississauga.

June 3 , 2024

Carolyn Parrish declined to say definitively whether she supports adding a local land transfer tax

Mississauga, Ontario – In an interview with the CBC, Carolyn Parrish refused to rule out introducing a land transfer tax. 

“Parrish controversially stopped attending debates earlier this month. But in an email, she declined to say definitively whether she supports adding a local land transfer tax to the existing provincial levy…”

“Instead she told CBC Toronto, ‘Can’t answer yes or no. If it’s tailored correctly, it may help first-time home buyers. That’s why yes or no answers are so simplistic.” (CBC News, May 31, 2024)

Less than 24 hours later, a panicked Carolyn Parrish said,

Which version of Carolyn Parrish do you trust with your tax dollars?

As Mayor, Dipika Damerla will say NO to a land transfer tax and No to any new taxes.

MAY 21, 2024


Mississauga, ON – Mayoral candidate Dipika Damerla detailed her transit plan today. “In the face of growing congestion, I do not believe that the solution is taking car lanes off busy streets like Bloor Street without providing drivers real alternatives to the car. If we are serious about reducing congestion, we must double down on building transit.”

“My transit plan is the most detailed and ambitious transit plan in this election. It builds on existing studies. It’s time to fast track these ideas and get them built,” said Dipika.

Dipika’s Fast-Track plan:

  • The Hurontario LRT serves as the backbone of Mississauga’s transit network, with expansion plans to include:
    • LRT extension on Dundas East of Hurontario to Kipling Station.
    • LRT expansion on Eglinton Avenue from Hurontario to Renforth, with future connections to the Airport and potential extension westward to Erin Mills.
    • LRT on Derry Road, connecting Hurontario to Malton GO station.
    • Explore additional North-South LRTs.
  • Electrification and Expansion of GO Transit:
    • Electrification of Lakeshore GO line and the addition of stations to improve transit access without disrupting Lakeshore Road.
  • Advocate for a subway expansion to Mississauga once the extension to Sherway Gardens is approved.
  • Enhancements to MiWay:
    • Increase MiWay frequency and reliability across the city. 
    • Introduce Route 26A to better connect the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) with other parts of the city.

Dipika’s Fast-Track plan is a sensible and practical approach to building transit. Her vision for a liveable, affordable Mississauga addresses the city’s growing needs – whether residents choose to walk, bike, drive, or take transit.

April 29, 2024

Dipika Damerla welcomes Mr. David Maung as the chair of her campaign for Mayor of Mississauga

Mississauga, ON – We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Mr. David Maung as the Campaign Chair for Dipika Damerla’s Mayoral Campaign. His appointment marks an exciting step forward for our campaign. With his dedication to serving the community and exemplary leadership, Mr. Maung is the perfect fit for this important role in our campaign.

Mr. Maung brings with him a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of Mississauga and its residents. His unwavering commitment to making a positive impact aligns with Dipika Damerla’s vision for the future of our city.

As a successful businessman, Mr. Maung understands the importance of strong leadership and his strategic advice will be a great asset to the campaign. “I am excited to welcome Mr. David Maung to our team,” said Dipika Damerla. “His leadership, experience, and dedication to our community will be instrumental as we work to create an even more dynamic, safe, and affordable city.”

Mr. Maung expressed his enthusiasm for his new role, stating, “I am honored to join Dipika Damerla’s Mayoral Campaign as Campaign Chair. I am committed to leveraging my experience and passion for community service to support Dipika’s vision for Mississauga. Together, we will work to build a city that we can all be proud of.”


Mr. Maung is the longest-serving chair of the Phoenix Ball, having chaired a record five times. Under his chairmanship, the Phoenix Ball raised over a million dollars for the Yee Hong long-term care homes. Mr. Maung has also chaired the Dragon Ball three times, including during the 30th anniversary of the event. During COVID, Mr. Maung donated millions of masks and tens of thousands of hand sanitizers to hospitals and long-term care homes across Ontario. As part of his philanthropy, he has also donated to a diagnostic imaging centre and dialysis centre at the Scarborough Hospital. In addition, Mr. Maung volunteers to feed the homeless and donates to ministries that feed the homeless, and much needed personal items like sleeping bags. Mr. Maung’s company Floors@Work also generously supports the Mississauga Food Bank every year. Mr. Maung has a degree in economics and international finance from England.

March 17, 2024

Standing up for cricket in Mississauga

Mississauga, ON – April 21, 2024 – Cricket has emerged as one of the fastest-growing sports in Mississauga. However, this surge in interest has outpaced the availability of suitable facilities.

To address this pressing need and ensure that Mississauga remains at the forefront of supporting its diverse sporting community, Mayoral candidate Dipika Damerla announced her plan to support cricket infrastructure across the city.

“I am committed to meeting the demands of our vibrant cricket community and providing them with the facilities they deserve,” said Dipika. “Cricket is not just a sport; it’s a way of life for many residents in Mississauga. By investing in cricket infrastructure, we are investing in the well-being and vitality of our community.”

As Mayor, Dipika would:

  1. Build five new cricket facilities strategically located across Mississauga.
  2. Where possible, lighting will be improved on cricket grounds to extend playing hours.
  3. Improve amenities on cricket grounds by making sure they all have  washrooms, shade structures, and practice nets.

“Investing in cricket is good for our community and is part of my plan to make Mississauga more liveable,” added Dipika.

For more information on Dipika’s plan for cricket in Mississauga, please visit:

March 17, 2024

Statement from Dipika Damerla, Mississauga Mayoral candidate on the Federal Government funding for asylum seekers in Peel Region:

The money the federal government intends to provide to Peel Region for asylum seekers is welcome but remains critically inadequate for what we need to make sure people who come to Canada as asylum seekers are properly supported.  

Asylum claimants in our shelter system have rocketed up to levels we’ve never seen before.  We’re operating at 400 percent of capacity.  Shelters in Mississauga are under an enormous amount of pressure and it’s not sustainable. 

It’s an absolute disgrace that shelters are forced to turn away asylum seekers and in the past, it has tragically led to people dying. 

We need the Federal Government to immediately fund the needs of asylum seekers in Peel Region. They intend to approve $12.4 million – which is a drop in the bucket for the costs Peel Region needs.  In 2024 alone, the Region is projected to spend $68 million for asylum seekers.

Moreover, the Federal Government has promised to build a welcome centre and dedicated facilities to support asylum seekers in Peel near the airport but to date, no funding has been provided so the desperately needed project is stalled as well.  

While we are doing our part to help asylum seekers who choose Peel Region, the costs for supporting them are the responsibility of the Federal government and should not be the burden of  Mississauga property taxpayers.

As Mayor, I will always advocate on behalf of Mississauga property taxpayers to ensure they are treated fairly.



Mississauga, ON, March 18, 2024 – Tonight, mayoral candidate Dipika Damerla will host an event at the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) to meet with students, hear their concerns and their ideas on how to make Mississauga a more attractive, livable, and affordable place for young people. Building on her previous conversations with students, Dipika heard about the challenges they face in accessing reliable and convenient transportation. As a result, she is committing to improving the commuting experience for students with these key measures:

  1. Introduction of New Bus Route 26A: To better serve students commuting to UTM, Dipika proposes the establishment of a new bus route. This route will run south on Mississauga Road to the UTM campus before looping back to Burnhamthorpe, providing a direct and convenient transit option for students.
  2. Increased Frequency on Key Routes: Dipika aims to enhance transit accessibility year-round by increasing the frequency of buses on several vital routes serving UTM. Routes 110, 44, 1, and 101 will see boosted service levels on weekdays and weekends, ensuring students have reliable transportation options regardless of the day or time.
  3. Addressing Ghost Bus Issues: Dipika’s plan includes measures to improve the reliability of bus services, addressing the challenges of “ghost buses”, to ensure that students can depend on consistent and prompt transit services.

“UTM and their students are an important part of our community.  I’ve heard their concerns and as Mayor, I will take these initial steps to make life easier for UTM students. Accessible and reliable public transportation is essential for students to succeed in their academic goals and engage in campus life,” said Dipika.  

Dipika’s commitment to improving transit access for UTM students reflects her vision to build a more inclusive and livable city where everyone can thrive.

March 19, 2024

Statement from Dipika Damerla, candidate for Mayor of Mississauga:

“Peel Region was recently given the unfortunate label as “Ontario’s auto theft capital”. Our residents have seen a spike in cars getting stolen out of their driveways and carjackings are happening too often. 

As Mayor, I will propose a $10,000 Crime Stoppers reward to every whistleblower that leads to a conviction for auto theft.

Our answer to every problem cannot be to blame other levels of government. Yes, there are things that the federal government, provincial government, and others can do to curb auto thefts, but it’s time we step up and do our part to help police put these criminals behind bars. Enough is enough.” 

This will be part of my comprehensive plan for a safer Mississauga.  I look forward to speaking about my plan in the months ahead, to make life for people in Mississauga easier, safer, and more affordable.

March 21, 2024


Golden “Parachute Parrish” out of touch, after caught being eligible for severances in addition to her pensions

Mississauga, ON – March 21, 2024 – Today, mayoral candidate Dipika Damerla confirmed with the Region of Peel that Carolyn Parrish is eligible for a second severance from the Region.  This, after she was caught yesterday during a Mississauga council meeting, with the City Clerk confirming Parrish would be eligible for severance from the City of Mississauga.  

Parrish has repeatedly claimed she was resigning “with no safety net” and without cost to the taxpayers. We now know that this is untrue and misleading to Mississauga residents.

In response to this severance scandal, Dipika Damerla condemned Parrish’s actions and questioned her judgment:

“Unlike Carolyn, people are struggling to pay bills, without the security of pensions or the safety net of severance. Carolyn is out of touch if she’s convinced herself that setting herself up for two severances in addition to her pensions is a sacrifice.”

Carolyn’s failure to acknowledge this raises serious concerns about her integrity.

Mississauga’s next mayor will need not just the legal power but also the moral authority to lead council to deliver on the opportunities and challenges in front of us. 

As Mayor, I will close the loophole that makes it possible for coucillors who step down to run for another position in public office, to be able to collect severance.”


Mayoral Candidate Dipika Damerla Demands Ontario Provincial Budget Address Key Municipal Concerns

Mississauga, Ontario – March 25, 2024 – With the impending release of Ontario’s provincial budget, Dipika Damerla, mayoral candidate for Mississauga, is urging the government to prioritize Mississauga’s critical needs with respect to housing, affordability, transit, and public safety. 

Mississauga, as Ontario’s second-largest economy and third-largest city, plays a pivotal role in the province’s overall prosperity. “Housing, public safety, and efficient transit systems are not only essential components of a thriving community but also fundamental to the economic growth and well-being of Mississauga,” Dipika said. 

The province recently responded to the needs of the City of Toronto by giving them a “new deal” which included the uploading of highways and operating costs of some of their transit lines.  Mississauga faces many of the same challenges as Toronto, and is looking for fair treatment, especially when it comes to the province uploading the operating costs of the Hurontario LRT. 

Transit is important to make our communities livable and to support the housing the city is building. “I’m pleased that the province has recognized Mississauga’s need for rapid transit options by investing in the Downtown Hurontario LRT Loop, all-day two-way GO Service, and fare integration to make it easier for commuters to move between transit systems. We need those investments to continue,” said Dipika. 

Public safety is paramount in keeping Missisagua one of the best cities to live and raise a family.  According to Peel Regional Police, crimes like robberies, carjackings and auto theft have significantly increased since last year.  That’s unacceptable.  We need action from all levels of government to prevent crime and effectively prosecute criminals.  Specifically, Dipika is asking the provincial government to fund more judicial resources – for example – more Justices of the Peace to deal with the backlog in court cases. 

“As Mayor, I am committed to championing Mississauga’s interests, advocating tirelessly for fairness, and ensuring our city receives the resources necessary to thrive and succeed.  I will continue to push for action on key issues for Mississauga including – affordability by finding ways to keep the cost of living low, safety, housing, and transit,” Dipika said.


Statement from Mayoral Candidate Dipika Damerla in Response to New Deal for Ottawa

Mississauga, Ontario – March 28, 2024 – Today the provincial government announced a new deal with the City of Ottawa that uploads roads, funds infrastructure and public safety needs. This announcement underscores the importance for Mississauga’s needs to be urgently addressed by the province and highlights the broken funding relationship between municipalities and the province. 

I’m urging the government to prioritize Mississauga’s critical public safety and transit needs, like they have done in Ottawa. As Ontario’s second-largest economy and third-largest city, we play a pivotal role in the province’s overall prosperity.

The province also recently responded to the City of Toronto’s issues by giving them a new deal which included the uploading of highways and operating costs of some of their transit lines. Mississauga faces many of the same challenges as Toronto, and is looking for fair treatment, especially when it comes to the province uploading the operating costs of the Hurontario LRT.

According to Peel Regional Police, crimes like robberies, carjackings and auto theft have significantly increased since last year.  More cars are stolen in Peel Region than anywhere else in the province. We need action from all levels of government to help us get this under control.

As Mayor, I am committed to championing Mississauga’s interests and advocating for fairness. Just as Ottawa and Toronto have received recognition of their needs, we need the province to urgently address the needs of Mississauga.